28 February 2013

who knows where

Been having a struggle again today as I seem to have reverted to being just as poorly as I was at the weekend. I can't stop this hacking cough and it's making the whole of my chest hurt again. As my antibiotic course is nearly at an end I think I may need a repeat!

I have spent a large part of today asleep as madam has caused chaos around me. She has also been fridge raiding and had a somewhat interesting combination of foods so far. I've not eaten anything, too unsure whether I'll keep it down. I'm also suddenly roasting hot!

I more of my story written last night, but I've lost a bit of focus as to where it should go next.
Basically I've been a bit all over the place for the last couple of days since I was at the counsellor.

Yesterday my mum and I wrote a letter to send to my landlord in the hope that it'll persuade him not to evict me. He lives all the way down in Kidderminster so it's not surprising he doesn't manage the property himself. I've sent it to the lawyer who's overseeing my case and she's approved it. Just need to send it off now. Gulp. This sort of it. If it doesn't work we'll have to move. Again. *cries* I haven't got the strength to start again, I just haven't. And I'm terrified about where we might end up... I'm going to have to throw myself on the mercies of the council. Which could mean I finally get a home with a bit more stability to it (I'm unlikely to be evicted from it) but there is the question of where I might end up living.

My fear is that I'll have to leave my home town, that I will end up even more isolated than I'm feeling already. I can't be placed in a village as I have no car so that's something of a relief. But there are plenty of towns big enough to shove us in. Goole, anyone?

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