1 February 2013

...love is all you need

Having written and published my post about hoarding I have been overwhelmed by people who I barely know offering me help and support with clearing up.

I am so grateful to these lovely people and truly humbled by their kindness. It constantly amazes me that no matter how much we read in the media about the depths of human depravity out there, there is always the opposite end of that spectrum too. 

I am hoping to keep my posts slightly shorter than that monster one I posted the other day, mainly as I know people will get bored of my whining fairly quickly! But also in the hope that I might get into the habit of posting fairly regularly. 

I have now worked out a few things about how blogging works (with a few tips from my twitter friends) and will hopefully get settled into a routine fairly quickly.

I'll write a post on why I started this blog in the first place as it may explain a few things, but for now adieu.


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