19 February 2013

writing for britain!

One more day got through, one more day further forward. I was having quite a good day really, yesterday, but I'm just so exhausted at the moment I feel like I'm wasting these good days and should be doing more with them.
My daughter was back at nursery yesterday and for the first time this year we managed to get ourselves up and organised and out of the house actually on time. We even got to school early! I feel better knowing that we're not rushing so much in the morning, it was much less shouty and we were both in much better moods to start the day.
I did the weekly shop with my parents and came home and actually stayed in the house for a bit rather than my usual trick of chucking the fridgeable stuff in the fridge and then going out to avoid the chaos.
I'm trying to get myself into that habit as, if I can at least face the chaos, then maybe I can make a decent start on it. I had some lunch and pottered a bit then escaped towards the free wifi and safety of caffe nero!
I picked madam up, trooped her home and she fell asleep leaning on me on the sofa. It's a rare event now really, her napping. And I love it so much as it gives me some peace and quiet (I was writing some more of my story) and gives me an excuse to nap too!
I think I got a good 45 minutes snooze in, but she managed 2 hours. And yes, she did pretty much go to bed as usual last night. We even got up on time again this morning. I'm so impressed with us :)
Last night I had my writing head on again and wrote and wrote and wrote until I was happy enough with chapter 3 to be able to share it with you all. (The links for it are around somewhere if you fancy a read).
But I'm going to have to stop writing what I want to write and get on with writing what I'm supposed to be writing. My college work in particular. I'm not behind on it, but I'm not really on top of it either. And the end date seems to be approaching fast. I have my next assignment to finish and then I have the worksheets to bring up to date and my reflections journals too. It's quite a lot of individual small bits of work and if I don't tackle it, it'll turn into a monster.
Now, I have always been a do it all at the last minute kind of person, but this course is really important to me and I don't want to cock it up because I'm rushing.
To that end I came up to college this morning so that I could concentrate on my assignment and get some really good progress made. But I didn't bring my notes with me. D'oh! Useless.

Instead I'm going to print off some information on what I need and then hopefully that'll be enough to at least make some progress...
Although, given this is a library, there's quite a lot of distractions in here and I'm having trouble concentrating. I shall persevere until lunch, but then I shall head out. The thing in here that is emitting a high pitched beeping is going right through me...
A bit of positivity for your day. Watching a four year old choose an outfit for her day is a really great way to start your day with a smile. She chose to put her schooliform on in the end, but we did go through some interesting options first! :)

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