22 February 2013

the long and winding road

I had a slow day yesterday, couldn't seem to get going. But after kicking myself up the bum I managed to get some laundry in and some more cleaning done. I was mainly interested in trying to unearth my college notebook (which seemed to have wandered off into the wilderness) and a college library book (likewise).
I did manage to find the notebook, but I have no idea where the library book has hidden itself. I've paid the fine on it, so it could be worse... I also tried to get some more of my assignment sorted out, but without the notebook I didn't seem to be getting very far.
Madam and I went into town and topped up the meters, we then headed for my parents house and madam fell asleep just before we were due to go out to gymnastics. I decided to just let her sleep as she'd been cultivating a cold and I figured it must have finally struck her. I made good my escape and went to college.
I spent a while faffing about and printing out the stuff I'd done but getting no new stuff under way. I am cross with my inability to improve my time management skills and guilty that there are others in the group who managed to get everything finished on time. They must have some resentment that they meet deadlines and I don't.
I am still pleased that I turned up and accepted my fate rather than running and hiding as is my preferred response. I enjoyed the session we had on beliefs and values and was interested to here other peoples takes on the same issues.
I had to pick up some medicine for madam on the way home as we'd run out after her last cold and I also treated myself to some ice cream for getting through a hard day without caving in. I then collected madam, took her home and finally got her in bed.
I then spent the rest of my evening staring at my computer screen not quite knowing what I was going to put next in regards to my story. How would I feel about certain things happening to my characters and am I going to change them a bit, etc.
What I think would be quite helpful would be if I could get a picture drawn of each character so that I can visualise it a bit more easily.
Might have to consult one of my lovely artistic-type friends!

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