16 February 2013

baby-steps to happiness

I had an OK day yesterday, bit of excessive nothing in the morning, but I managed to get going in the end. I've sorted the blog so links to other pages etc now show up in a different colour to my main text. I included all the trailers for the films I chose on the blog yesterday. Do check them out :)
I have (finally) sorted the bathroom sink out. I did this straight after I got out of the shower which was probably the wrong way round. But the steam in the bathroom helped lift off some of the really stubborn marks.
I've stalled somewhat on the de-cluttering as I've been feeling under the weather and bending down to pick the crap off the floor has been making my ears and sinuses hurt. It's a bit of a rubbish excuse, but I've been trying to make sure I'm keeping up with everything else I'm supposed to be doing. I'm getting into the routine of getting up, doing my swish and swipe a la Fly Lady, making my bed and shoving a load of washing in. I don't always achieve the laundry bit, but baby-steps are baby-steps and I'm getting there.
The bathroom and kitchen are slowly being reclaimed from their previous state. But I really haven't started on the living room yet. This is partially as I'm following Fly Lady's zones and we haven't done that one yet, and also because I still can't bring myself to tackle it. Next week I'm tackling my bedroom. It's probably about time I did some sorting out in there. Nothing has been organised since I moved last April. I want to organise the storage I have in there, I have lots of empty drawers and an empty wardrobe plus a massive pile of clothes on the floor.
Ah, the filing system of my youth resurrecting itself...
As mentioned, I've not been feeling that well for the last few days and it's meant I've been doing nothing in the evenings. I've started on the second blanket I'm crocheting for my friends twins, but haven't actually got very far. It's making me feel a bit crappy that I'm not making any progress when I enjoyed making the first one so much. I'm totally in love with the colours I eventually chose and think it'll go nicely with the blanket I already made.
I have written the next chapter to the story I posted. But I haven't uploaded it yet as I want it to link from the page I've already posted, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet...
This afternoon I'm going on a snowdrop walk with madam and my folks, I'm hoping the weather holds up and I get some good photos. I'll stick them on instagram later, I'm sure ;)
Have a good day, whatever you're doing. 

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