1 March 2013

more tablets

I think I'm a glutton for punishment. Despite feeling really crappy I went to college last night after all. I think this is because I value the human (adult) interaction I get from the classes.
I was pleased that no-one in our group was too worried about catching my lurgy, though I did sit slightly more seperate from them than I would do normally.
I went straight around to the doctor's at 8.30 this morning and asked for an appointment, which I got for about an hour later. Marvellous. I actually saw the doctor that I'm registered with, which must be the first time in a couple of years! He expressed surprise at my cough and said he thought it was the best one he'd heard in a long time. And althoughI was pleased that he liked the cough I did explain how much I'd like it to go away now!
He listened to me attempt to breathe deeply and decided that the pops and crackles really need to get gone. He's prescribed me some pneumonia strength antibiotics (that are a rather awesome blue colour) and said that they pretty much work on everything :)
I then got to go and have a walk in the park with my friend and her two little ones. Mine mainly goes into manic mode whenever she gets asked anywhere so she did keep trying to manhandle the older of the two... We then made her run around on the play area which seemed to work :)
We went off for naughty lunch (McDonalds) and madam fell asleep in the car on the way to my parents. I had to give my dad his car back,  after I'd upset his plans by borrowing it in the morning! I'm not sure quite why he was so surprised that I wanted the car this morning, I'd mentioned a few times I was going to the park and I don't know how he thought I was going to get there without it...
A case of hearing without understanding...
I'm going to Guides later, we're hopefully planning a trip to Cadbury world with them! I've never been, it sounds quite good fun... Now, I better go and drool over the pictures again..

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