26 February 2013

a happy heart

I was on a high after my success yesterday morning and was determined to not let anything get me down. This meant that when I collected madam from school and she was quite obviously full of a cold (she had her "I'm poorly" face on) and feeling all tired-y I elected to deal with it in the way that I'd like to have been treated.
So I made her walk to Tesco and we went to sit in the cafe, have a drink and then we would get the bus home. We also got her a new DVD for her to watch whilst she lay, pathetically, on the sofa making my leg go to sleep.
We happened to bump into some friends of ours who manage to have the interesting ability of always making me feel like I am so much more in control of my life than I know I really am. Sadly, the reason for this is because her life is even more out of control than mine. But yet she's still smiling and always manages to give me good advice and help when I need it.
So whilst we nattered our two kids did what all modern children now seem to do, played on the apps on our phones! Then we shopped, I bought a proper digital thermometer as I'm sick of the guesswork of a fever strip, the DVD I mentioned and an awesome t-shirt with a rhino on :) If any of you are wondering if I got anything out of this shopping trip (the t-shirt? No, don't be silly...) I got laundry detergent and stain remover. Woot! Oh well, least I have something to wash the laundry mountain in now...
Madam and I loved the DVD! It's called The Lorax and it was made by the same people who did Despicable Me (one of our joint favourites) and it was just as good. I do like Dr. Seuss although I was unfamiliar with this story. It's all environmental and worthy, without you feeling like you're being preached to (stand up Happy Feet, you're fired!). The grandmother is now my hero. I'm sure we're way behind and everyone else has already discovered it, but I heartily recommend it.
And then last night I finished off chapter 5 of Storm in the Shadows (check it out, there's a link here ). I am soooo pleased with it. I think I might have made the story much harder for me to write now, but still! This, I suppose is only a first draft...
And then this morning crashing reality came in. Boo... We both overslept (me because I'd spent so long with my brain on fast forward last night, her because of the cold) and then we just couldn't. It was all so much effort. I did manage to not be shouty mummy as I was aware that she wasn't feeling 100%, but she had no temperature and seemed a bit more herself than she had been. She insisted on the new t-shirt and I figured it wasn't worth an argument. Then we slowly, slowly, slowly walked to school. I merely handed her over at the front door and then headed for respite.
I am at my counsellors later on, don't know where this week will go. There might be crying, I'm just feeling that way out today...
Oh, and this little blog of mine has now topped 1000 pageviews! I'm so inspired and awed by your support.
Thank you. From the very bottom of my heart and soul. Thank you.

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