21 February 2013

purple is the word

The observant amongst you will have noticed I didn't post anything yesterday. This was not through choice and it annoyed me all day. I had a rather hectic morning and then just when I thought I'd found a few minutes in the afternoon then something else came up! Very frustrating on my part, I assure you.
I was feeling quite chuffed with myself yesterday (and today too really). I have been getting into the swing of my routines a bit more and managing to accomplish more from them. I have almost entirely managed to get on top of the kitchen, despite having a slight plumbing hiccup on Tuesday night.
I noticed the kitchen floor seemed to have developed a puddle and was on my way to blaming madam for it when I emptied the washing up bowl down the sink to be met by a flood from inside the cupboard. Not good. I had a look and couldn't see where the water had come from, so decided getting madam in bed before I dealt with it would be the best plan.
So, managed to get madam into her bed at a fairly reasonable time. And came back downstairs to see what I could organise. I managed to dry off the floor enough to be able to get my head into a better position to see what was going on and put the tap on very slowly to see if I could locate said leak.
I managed to work out that one of the pipes had become detached at the back and having plugged it back in again all was fixed! See, I am totally capable of looking after myself! (Because my first reaction was that I would have to call my dad...)
I then washed up the stuff that I'd had to leave to soak earlier and was not left with wet feet when I emptied the bowl. Success.
Yesterday I decided that I really did have to get a pair of indoor lace-up shoes like Fly Lady keeps insisting on. I had a look in a couple of places and then found the perfect ones in new look. Why were they perfect? Because they're purple and everything FlyLady is purple. Serendipity calling, I think.
I put them on last night after we got home and busied myself in the kitchen again with my timer. I don't know if they really make that much difference, but I feel like they're another supportive presence when I'm struggling.

I even managed to tidy one half of the hob as well as do last nights washing up in the 15 minutes I'd given myself. This means I know I can get the other half done this evening, no excuses. And then my kitchen will be mine again. And I will have found a little bit of peace to add to the collection I'm making.


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