17 February 2013

sunshine just makes everything better

I've been really struggling to sleep for the last week. Partly this is to do with my cold and the annoying need I have to cough up my lungs when I lie down. Partly it's to do with the depression. I can't get to sleep until much later than I want to, then I can't get myself out of bed either.
It's a vicious circle. But I'm hoping being back into the swing of taking madam to nursery will help. Things always get worse in the holidays as we lose our routines.
I have been trying to get madam into some of Fly Lady's habits too. She's been making her bed in the mornings and I've been rewarding her with a marble for her jar. We've also been trying to make sure we use a calendar to help us with our scheduling. I've divided it into columns (it was a cheapo family planner kind of thing I got in the sales) and she has hers and I have mine. We then both have our own sets of stickers that we've put on the days where we're doing things.
So madam has a sticker for every Thursday when she's at gymnastics and I have them from for college days and Guides days. I've also marked the weekly shop on for each week and any other appointments that we might have (counsellor, hairdresser, doctors, dentist etc.)
It makes it look like I might be a bit organised, even when I don't feel I am.
Yesterday I mentioned that we were going to go for a walk and look at the snowdrops. We had such a lovely time and the sun shining on us seemed to make it even more magical. The weather has been horrid both the years we've been before.
It always amazes me what a difference a bit of sunshine makes to everyone's mood. A little bit of warmth creeps back in to everyone's hearts after the long, cold, dark winter.  Snowdrops have always been one of my favourite flowers. I love seeing them appear as they signal the end of winter being in sight. 
Next up will be the daffodils sunny yellow trumpets adding that dash of colour that's been so lacking in the shorter days of the year. When I see them begin to bloom, and the sides of the roads locally seem to be lined with them, I always think of friend V. I don't know why, but funnily enough she said the same thing about me!
Now, I need to leave you in the company of these guys. They look to me as if they're auditioning for Saturday Night Fever or something! I think they're great and they really make me smile... Enjoy :)

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