24 February 2013

feverish twaddle

I'm still fairly poorly, though I do feel better than yesterday. And more importantly I got to go to the chinese with everyone :)
I'm feeling rather spaced out still so I apologise if this is even more rambling than usual. I went to bed at a completely chaste 10.30 last night and didn't get up until 8, but I still managed to fall asleep for an hour on the sofa whilst madam was making me watch Happy Feet.
If you've not seen it then I wouldn't rush to... It's very right on and worthy, and really long for a kids film!
I've realised I didn't do a favourites list on Friday, this was mainly cause I totally forgot, sorry! If you'd like to submit suggestions for this Friday they will be greatfully received!
This week is the big week for me. Me and Fly Lady are finally on to the living room. I'm really not looking forward to this task, but it's time. I shall gird my loins, as they say...
Oh, and yesterday I found out I've been picked to be a World Book Night giver! I'm going to to be giving away 20 copies of The Reader. Which I absolutely loved when I read it the other year. I'm not allowed to give them to habitual readers or in places where lots of readers might be (bookshops, libraries etc). But I'm really excited about it. Now, if you haven't read The Reader, I *do* recommend you give it a go.

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