8 February 2013

did you know this?

I feel like we’re getting into a nice rhythm now. I ramble on and then my lovely friends send me DMs on twitter about stuff. Works for me. But thank you very much for those of you who’ve left comments actually on the blog. I haven’t replied as I haven’t worked out how to protect my identity on replies. Think I might need to set up a specific account to reply with J

The reason I like to keep things as anonymous as possible is for my own privacy and that of my daughter and anyone I might mention. There is a chance that in years to come my daughter may even read this blog and I don’t want her embarrassed at the stuff I’m talking about.

My friend, on her blog, used a post to reveal the contents of her bag. Now I was brought up to respect the privacy of the handbag so I won’t be doing that but I thought you might like to know a few things about me.

Ø  I am in my mid-30s.

Ø  I was born and raised in Yorkshire but am fiercely proud of the Scottish bit of my ancestry and feel my spiritual home has always been in Edinburgh.

Ø  I have the most impressive cough you’ve ever heard. It does, however, frequently make me sick. It comes all the way from my balls as one of my Uni friends once told me. Yes, I am a girl!

Ø  I become obsessed by things frighteningly quickly and do them as much as I can where possible. I have been asked to teach people some of my crafting skills even though I’m still an amateur.

Ø  I read as much as I can, though it’s much less than I like as my concentration is really affected by my depression. My list of favourite books could probably be a post in its’ own right… ooh, there’s a thought ;)

Ø  I never have learned how to do long division properly. Oh, and I can’t whistle through my fingers, which I always wanted to do.

Ø  I can curl my tongue, make it turn all the way over in my mouth and make it undulate from back to front.

Ø  I have a frighteningly large capacity for seemingly useless information. Example? Did you know that koalas sleep more than sloths?

Ø  My favourite colours are blue and purple and have been for as long as I can remember. I also associate certain colours with certain people.

Ø  My favourite seasons are spring and autumn. I love the temperature. I love the fact that you can see the world changing on a daily basis. Daffodils make my heart sing and there is nothing better than kicking through leaves on a crisp autumn day.

Ø  I speak pretty good French and rather rubbish German and Greek. I love learning about languages and words. The meaning of people’s names fascinates me. It does mean that I think my real name is boring though. And though I’ve never particularly liked my middle name, I do like what it means.

Ø  Although I seem incapable of putting them into action I’m brilliant at planning things. I’m very much the ideas person in a group.

Ø  I am awesome at sleeping.

So, that’s probably enough random stuff about me. Is there anything else you want to know?

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