11 February 2013

write, good woman, write!

I spent most of last night writing the start of a story. This is a novelty for me because I've thought about it a few times and then never done anything about it. One or two of my twitter friends have mentioned enjoying my writing which is what pushed me to give it a go.
Now under no circumstances do I think I have the first idea about how to map out a story. And in fact I spent quite a lot of time last night reading aloud what I had written to see if it still made sense... But I think I've made a good start and was considering sharing what I have so far with you.
I mainly just started writing and let it take me where it wanted. I only knew my lead character was a girl in her first year of sixth form and that she was a bit of a loner. Apparently I've also made her the youngest in her family with three older brothers who she looks up to.
She feels like an underachiever even though she is academically quite bright. She has one close friend who I haven't really fathomed out yet. Oh, and she sees something unusual and is trying to work it out...
If you'd like to read it let me know. I don't want to thrust it upon you unnecessarily! Not that I'm paranoid or anything! Oh, and I need to figure out how to attach it to the blog...
Being able to write this story is actually something I'm really pleased about as it means I managed to focus on something for an extended period that wasn't just me recounting stuff. It means that the fluoxetine is working and I'm hopefully on my way to recovery.
I have a meeting with my counsellor tomorrow and I'm actually quite looking forward to it this week. I know that I'm making progress at home and that I'm not going to be judged for any failings I've had (This is called unconditional positive regard, counselling fans). I find it hard not to analyse what we talk about in the sense of what I'm learning at college, but given this poor woman has probably been through at least 5 years more training then me I'm not sure I really am at liberty to do so!
Todays positive thought for the day? I'm not sure I can think of one... Oh, but did you know that if you put your hand on a flat surface with the second and fourth fingers tucked under your palm you can't lift your middle finger?!

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