7 May 2013

weird days and photos

Weirdly slow day today. Seemed to take me forever to get started and now I'm all fired up with nowhere to go! I have bought a new book to help with my college work (really clever as I only have about 2 weeks left!). But it's really interesting and I hope that if I get the chance to continue my studies then I'll be able to use it again for that.

Dead dudes tend not to change their theories very often after all! Much better than the management books I still had from Uni that I only got rid of when we moved to this house. That's right, up-to-date management theory circa 1996!

Given that there were newer prints of the books before I'd even finished the course, I doubt anyone would have found them very helpful. I took them to the charity shop anyway...

So, I have spent this afternoon reading up on various psychological theories. Some of which I'm actually studying at the moment (like Freud and Rogers) and some that just lead on from them. Fascinating. Its a shame you can't get a qualification just from reading the books!

Madam and I had a nice chilled out day yesterday and made the most of having the sun. We went for a bike ride in the afternoon and I took some nice photos of madam outside the library in their gardens.

There was a carpet of daisies and dandelions so madam was quite enjoying looking at the flowers and posing like a trooper. She was wearing her new vest top that we'd got when we'd exchanged the dress V had brought.

Such a shame. The dress was a great length, lovely colour. Really sweet, but it was just too tight across the back. Madam is quite broad in the back and the dress buttoned up in just the wrong place. So we swapped it for a more rather cute jersey number and the vest top.

Madam was disappointed not to have the original dress, but she cheered up when she saw she'd got two things in exchange! Easily pleased...

I've downloaded a new app to my phone which is basically a simplified version of photoshop. I've been having a good time playing with the photos I took yesterday and thought I'd share a couple with you.
Slight technical hitch. Apparently I can't upload them on to the blog for some reason...
Right, laptop has almost no battery left. Best shut up!


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