19 May 2013

on cheesecakes and crossstitch

Been making slow and steady progress with my cross stitch. I have filled in the heart and strengthened the outline. I'm just going to make a picture by sewing white all around it and then I shall cut it out and sew it onto madams t-shirt :)
I'm quite pleased with it now it has that thicker outline, should've made the whole thing thicker before I started the colours, but never mind. You live and learn, as they say!
Madam and I had a good time at the Pentecostal Pizza Party. We got a couple of mini pizzas that we could add toppings to, there were some yummy salads and then lots of buns for afters. And it was all veggie! Not that I am, it was just nice to see.
This morning we voted against going to church as it was an all age service and there was no Sunday club for madam to go to. I'm sure the whole congregation will have appreciated our not being there! This is the outfit madam chose to wear to go over to her grandparents house in. The bow was on her jumper as it wouldn't go in her hair with the hat on!
Though she claims it was in no way influenced by Dr Who, I don't really believe her! :)
We were going to make a simple cheesecake for us to have for pudding tonight, but I vetoed it after madam was quite so horrendous. But we had promised a cheesecake for pudding so I brought all the stuff to make it with here and told her we'd do it after lunch if she behaved. She pretty much managed it.
I wanted to take photo's of her doing each stage of the making and use this rather good collage/effects app I have called PicsArt to join them together, like I did here with the photo's of madam posing in the spring sunshine.
But I only remembered when we were doing biscuit bashing! I'll have to get one of her putting the strawberries on top and probably of her eating the finished article :) I really like making the little collages, it's nice to have a whole series of photos together.
I did one the other day of all the t-shirt motifs I've done so far...
Which reminds me, I was going to use it to update my Facebook cover photo :)

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