13 May 2013

a quick update about t-shirts

I don't have much time to write now, so this will have to be just a quick word from me today.
I have been instructed by madam that the pink t-shirt I got her is to have a mouse family on it, so I did a couple of quick sketches of mice last night. I needed to come up with one I liked and also that was a simple enough shape for me to be able to cut it out of felt!
This is the one I settled on eventually

I've redrawn it couple of times to get the hang of the shape I'll need, but I'm quite pleased with it. I think I should be able to give it a bit of personality.

Just need to go to famous Boyes and get some pink felt for the ears, paws and possibly the tail... Or I could use some material scraps. Though that would involve hemming...

Speaking of which I cut out two pockets to attach to madams other t-shirt and proceeded to hand sew the hems and the stitched them on. I say them, I only actually got one completed as it took so much longer than I'd anticipated...

So tonight is for sewing the other one and then I shall move on to making cute mouses :) Not sure that madam realises how much work I put in to these things as she turned around this morning and told me her t-shirt was boring! I told her I would give it to someone else if she didn't want it and she suddenly became very attached!

Anyway, have to go and collect her now...

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