20 May 2013

strawberries on your fingers and on your cake

I have given myself a manicure before writing today. Which means a couple of things. 1. I am typing really strangely, 2. I now have nails that look like strawberries (thanks to the fabulous essbeevee for the tips )3. I can now not get my phone out of my pocket... So, sadly, no photo's to show you how good they look.
At least not today anyway!
I still have major issues with painting my nails on my right hand. I even managed to develop a tremor when trying to do the polka dots. So some of them are distinctly dodgy!
Madam and I had a whale of a time making our cheesecake yesterday afternoon and I promised a photo of the completed article. For those of you who follow me on social media I apologise for spamming you with this pic collage, but I really love it :)
It tasted flaming good too, I have to say! My mother gave me the most humongous slice for my pudding. There was a slice left which we brought home with us and madam did attempt to persuade me that she could have it for breakfast! Nice try... I think she'll find that she can share that with me later.
If anyone's interested the recipe is amazingly simple, it was just part of an advert in Heat magazine this week *I didn't buy it* 
100g melted butter
200g crushed biscuits
397g tin condensed milk
300g soft cream cheese
2 lemons.
That's it! You mix the butter in with the biscuits, spread them into the base of a 7-inch tin and shove it in the fridge to set.
Mix together the condensed milk and cream cheese until smooth (I found I needed to give it a bit of a whisk) and then add the juice of the two lemons and watch as the mixture magically thickens.
Pour over your chilled base and then bung it back in the fridge for a couple of hours. Decorate as you see fit.
We used fresh strawberries but I was thinking that, as the mixture is quite nice and lemony, you could top with lemon curd! :) I was also debating using lime juice as the acid, or orange for a sweeter finish.
Would be nice to add a bit of zest in to the mix as well, for a more grown up pud.
You can see I spend a lot of time thinking about these things, can't you...
I've been shopping this morning and I did buy another tin of condensed milk to go into my store cupboard. It'll make a great "crap, unexpected visitors" dessert... Obviously, as long as you get slightly more than half an hour for prep!
Ooh, my nails might be dry enough to try reaching my phone... You'll have to excuse the dodgy bits around the edges, I'll tidy them up later.   

I hate having to hold your hand like that to get a good photo of nails... Could be misconstrued!

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