1 May 2013

A day full of events

Today is special for many reasons. It's the first day of May, it might not be blazing sunshine, but it is quite definitely Spring at last. Today is also my uncles birthday, he's 60 this year and my mum (his big sister) made me hunt down a copy of his favourite childhood book for him!
In the end we (I) managed to find a first edition of Noddy and the Magic Rubber. Hopefully, it has now arrived safely at his house and is still in the almost pristine condition it was in when it left us.

Also my lovely friend H has set off on her Pedals for Pounds 4 tour of Yorkshire. She is cycling an impressive 80 miles today and madam and I are getting ready to go and wave and cheer when she arrives in Hull later today. My parents are also coming and have planned to have tea at lunchtime so that they can hang about and wait if poor H is a straggler! (such confidence in her skills)

I'm so proud of her for taking on this monumental task. If you think that someone cycling 240 miles in aid of charity is something you'd like to get behind then you can sponsor H (and her dad P) on her Just Giving page they're looking to raise a total of £2000. So go on, bung 'em a fiver, they deserve it!
And the number 80 is also significant to me today as I am up to my 80th post! I started this little blog as a bit of an experiment on the 31st January and I genuinely wasn't thinking that I would have the willpower to keep it going after the first novelties wore off. But here I am after 3 solid months of blogging almost every day.
I'm quite impressed with myself. Also, I'm over 3000 pageviews and last month I broke the 1000+ pageviews in a month mark! Thank you so much for reading. It's so nice to know that what I say amuses and/or entertains enough to keep you checking in. I don't think I'm going to be one of these people who get to blog for a living, or even part-time. But I hope that I can keep plugging away.

I hope that by trying to be honest with myself and admit to the things that frighten me, that hold me back, that inspire me, that make me smile I can carry on giving a voice to the people who haven't learned how to speak up yet. That I can inspire anyone to just go and ask. It isn't the end of the world.
You are not a failure.
You can get better.
I can get better.
It's just a marathon not a sprint. And sometimes you have to stop for a breather. But you'll get there, same as I will.
So thank you again for reading. Thank you for supporting me when I needed it most. Thank you for still being here even though I spout sentimental guff every now and again!
Love you all :)  

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