2 May 2013

Pedals for Pounds 4 (and some other stuff)

Well, we had a good afternoon yesterday. I picked madam up from school, we had lunch and then headed to my parents so that we could chill and go into Hull later to cheer on H and her dad.
We ended up at the garden centre getting yet more stuff for my dad's marine tank. I am slightly worried that I'm going to be responsible for it for three weeks in the summer! I don't mind just bunging some food at them once a day (or so) but to actually be left in charge of a tank that will need topping up and has salt level checks and all sorts worries me!
Ah well, if I kill everything it will be fine, I'm sure! He added two hermit crabs to his collection yesterday. So now there are 5 snails, 2 shrimps, 2 hermit crabs and the wee crab that came in with the live rock. Excellent. Oh, and he's muttering about getting a sea urchin...
This is the tank that wasn't going to have anything in it for me to have to worry about. There are no fish yet, I'll give you, but that still seems a lot of creatures to me!
Anyway, back to H and the Pedals for Pounds 4 tour... So having obtained more livestock M&D decided just to drop us in Hull and then go home and play with the new crabs for a bit. So we got dropped off near my little bro's house (not that he would have been in) and headed up Whitefriargate to get flags to do manic waving with.
Poundland failed to produce the necessary flags, but we did manage purple pompoms (go team purple!) and got ourselves a drink each. We then headed for the Premier Inn rendezvous point and forced ourselves to get an ice lolly on the way! We did get there slightly early, but there were already a couple of bikers there, who had no clue how far team purple were behind them.
We settled down to make the kerbside our home for the ensuing wait. I think we waited about half an hour when we saw the (rather tired) faces of H&P coming round the bend! Madam went into manic pompom mode and I think our enthusiasm was appreciated!
We collected their bags from the storage area and then headed for the other side of town where H&P actually were staying. Madam was tired by this point and the walk was mostly taken up with her moaning about having to walk. Oh, the joys. We waited downstairs with a drink whilst they (understandably) showered and changed.
We had tea with them, though I was slightly disappointed they didn't both have two main courses! And then madam and I headed for the bus home. By the time we got back here it was 9pm and then we had to walk from the station to home! Madam moaned less than I thought she would, which was a relief.
She got straight into her nightie (mummy, big girls wear nighties to bed, not 'jamas) and I read her some more of the Wizard of Oz and she was asleep in mere moments. I went downstairs and after deciding at about 10.30 I really wasn't going to last much longer woke up at 2.30 when madam came downstairs to find me! Oops.
I really must stop falling asleep on the sofa. I've got a crick in my neck that just won't get better otherwise!
Today lovely H&P are cycling to Scarborough... Hopefully they're already there. But I'm sure they'll let me know when they arrive :)
Oh, madam took a couple of photos from the bus yesterday. Scenic, no?

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