11 May 2013

teaching myself to embroider

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my crafting recently. I really enjoy the way it calms my mind and I love feeling like I've achieved something when I complete a project. I also like trying to teach myself new skills.
I've been working on teaching myself some embroidery skills in the last few days. I was always rubbish at sewing when younger, right down to being banned by my mother from sewing my Guide badges on (there *might* have been an incident when I sewed the sleeve of my blouse closed).
But I've been embellishing little bits and pieces for a while. This mainly consists of me doing running, back or blanket stitch. I can chain stitch as well, but I have never learnt cross stitch or things like satin stitch and French knots! So this is my new quest. I have bought madam some plain short sleeved t-shirts for summer and I have decided to add something different to each one.
I did the first one the other day. I sewed on a butterfly that had come off an old hair slide and that had been in my craft box for ages. Then I added a little line of stitches to give it some movement. I foolishly didn't take a photo of it before letting her wear it. So, this is how it looked after a full days abuse!
She's asked me to do something similar to what I've done before with her pale blue t-shirt. I haven't got around to it yet as I need some more embroidery thread to make the tail! But this is the one I made when she was 2.
I made loads of little felt birds ages ago, along with some flowers and leaves. So I'm using one of these on the new t-shirt and then I'll give it the big chain stitch tail plumes. Cool, huh? It was about my favourite thing I'd done up to that point! I may add some little pockets to the other white t-shirt. I have some really nice purple batik style material.
This afternoon (after madam has finished giving herself square eyes watching CBeebies) I shall be going into town and getting some more coloured thread and also some more of the wool I've been using to make my chunky crochet shrug :)
I might also attempt to make madam put some different clothes on, she did pick an extraordinarily random outfit this morning... Sunsuit and puffa waistcoat anyone?
She was somewhat disappointed when I insisted on her wearing underwear with it! 

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