24 May 2013

forms and foreign countries

I didn't get chance to blog yesterday I just ended up being far to busy doing other things... Mostly I spent the large part of the day with the lovely E and we went into Hull, did shopping, had lunch and then took madam to soft play.
The original plan had involved the park, but the rain and/or hail put us off! So we mainly sat at MegaFun using the free wifi to chat to each other on twitter! Yeah, we are just soooo cool!
As MegaFun is also where madam has her nastics lessons E left us at about 3.45 and we went upstairs to get madam ready and to make sure I got a table! Madam was pretty good and joined in with most of it. I realised that we're going to now miss all the lessons after half term until my parents are back from their holidays as we'll have no car and won't be able to get there (and back) without one!
We will also not be going to any lessons until madam has settled in to her new school properly. So, probably not until after Christmas. I feel bad as she really enjoys it, but I know she won't behave if she's really tired...
The other thing I've been doing is working out what to write on this job application. I have been told about a teacher's assistant role at the school one of my friends works at. I would be able to get lifts and stuffs so I don't need to worry about the car issue. It's not quite full time plus I get all the kids holidays free which, obviously, is a major deciding factor for me.
I am quite sure I can do the work, and it'll be a great opportunity to get my foot in the door. I just hope I can get an interview and then dazzle them all with my mad skillz (or something).
I've just got to tackle this somewhat enormous form, but my friend is going to check it over for me which takes some of the pressure off me. I haven't filled in an application for ages, so I'm really not looking forward to it. Add to that my aforementioned fear of forms and I am a little terrified!

I also am having traumas about a potential interview, it's even longer since I had a proper one and I have always sucked at them. I'm just not very good at selling myself. I also give much too honest answers sometimes. It's never good to tell the interviewer that in 5years time I see myself living in a different country!

I've actually been thinking about moving abroad again recently. I say again as I was seriously considering it when I was younger. Then life got in the way (I find it has a bad habit of doing that) and I didn't go. But I've been thinking about new beginnings and where I would like my life to go and the thought of moving popped up again.

I've always been somewhat of a homebody, but I actually have an unsatisfied wanderlust going on too. I did somewhat indulge in it by going to Germany and France on my year out and then I lived in Greece for a while with K. I really enjoyed those experiences, but actually where I've always fancied going is Canada.

I'm not sure why Canada, but I have just always wanted to go. Possibly as I have some family over there and I've always wanted to go and visit, and possibly as I think the scenery is awesome... Bit like my desire to go and drool at scenery in New Zealand!

So, yes, I might move, but it isn't going to be any time soon. Madam would have to be involved in any decision regarding that kind of thing after all. And I guess K would have to have a say too...

I shall go back to thinking about my form and I'll let you know if I get anywhere with it...  


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