5 May 2013

The little sparrow and her amazing life

Sunday has come back around again... how rude! The added advantage this week is that tomorrow is May Day bank holiday and we get an extra day to the weekend. The bad thing is that it means madam isn't at school and I have to find something to keep her amused..
This will be fine as long as the weather holds out!
Oooh, lovely surprise hello from friend V and family... Madam now wailing in the hallway as she wants her auntie to come back. Ah, distracted from wimping by the very pretty new dress that V brought :)
We shall be wearing that to death, I can tell...
Anyway, so today we have done very little. Similar to yesterday really. Though we did get to have our ice creams whilst M&D rehearsed yesterday afternoon. Good job we got that bit out the way asap as they were only rehearsing for about 15 mins! They'd expected about 45... Ok for M&D who live locally, but for the choir members who had to travel in, bit annoying...
They sang Mozart and Rossini and it went off quite well by all accounts. They'll be doing there biennial performance of Handel's Messiah this December, if anyone fancies going along, it'll be on the 7th :)
I had the chance to watch the film La Vie en Rose last night, about Edith Piaf and her life. I had heard a few of her songs before, but actually knew very little about her life and background. I've loved the song Je ne regrette rien  for a long time and I've never realised just how beautiful and poignant it was until I saw the lyrics translated and knew the story behind it.

I shall be making an effort to get to know more of her music now. Slow on the uptake, as usual. But at least it's there now :)

I shall probably watch it again tonight, got to be better than watching trashy films like Pitch Perfect* over and over.

*apologises to the film and strokes it lovingly *whispers* I didn't mean it! 

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