14 May 2013

a mousie revolution

Yesterday I told you I'd picked this little mousie to use as a template to make madam's new t-shirt design. I was going to use some grey felt that I already have from my bag making phase...

This is the unfinished one I was making for friend H (spot where my leftover felt birds came from!)

But madam declared that grey was boring and she didn't want grey mousies... She wanted pink. "But it's a pink t-shirt!" said I. "There are lots of pinks" was her rather indisputable response...

So we went to famous Boyes and I had to look for pink for a mousie plus pink for paws and things (different shade, obvs). But I didn't want both mousies to be pink so I got some purple too...

After we got home I realised that all the mousies I'd sketched are looking in the same direction! Moreover, I need a little mouse and a big one to make the family (or a mummy mouse and a madam mouse as was my new plan). So I made a very quick sketch of a wee mousie looking up

And it was too perfect not to be the template for a madam mousie! I am seriously impressed that that was literally the first attempt I had at drawing that wee one, and I did it in felt tip! Anyway, so I sketched a bigger version of the other mouse to be a mummy mousie.

After I got madam in bed I set to work. One little madam mousie in shriek pink and one mummy mousie in lilac. I gave them both little pink feet and hands (paws) and a bead for an eye. They both got a little black "X" for a nose and I made the tails with some purple embroidery thread. It's sewn so it hangs loose and I put a little knot in the end...

I'm quite pleased with it! I've just remembered I got some little flower buttons that I'll add later. I didn't give them whiskers as I didn't feel like they needed them. I might write something as well, as it just seems to need something else to finish it off, or am I being pernickety?

Madam is wearing the shirt to nursery today, so I hope it doesn't get ruined by whatever she has for lunch!

And here is smiley madam in her pink mousie T :)

She really does have the cheekiest grin... I'm having a night off from embellishing tonight so you might get something else to read about tomorrow!

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