27 May 2013

Bristol on my mind

It's blog 101 and I have mainly been thinking of frightening things to blog about. But I can't think of anything... I have however been in the bosom of my lovely friend L and her fabulous hospitality. She's been like a big sister to me since I met her in Athens 8years or so ago.
She is so calming and makes me feel so much more confident in my abilities than I ever do by myself. And since I have arrived in Bristol I have been feeling happier and healthier than I have in a while. I am now seriously considering coming down here to live.
I know, I know, the other day I was going on about moving to Canada and now I want to move to Bristol. I view this as a symptom of how unsettled I've been feeling. I have ended up staying at himself's place as L has a full house, but I am actually only sleeping there.
This whole discussion about my moving has meant that I've been looking into things like where I'd live and schools etc. (I am quite a one for a snap decision). I mentioned to K that I was thinking about it and he said that we could move into his place and he would find a one bed place for himself! This would be absolutely awesome as it's round the corner from L!
And the local school is on the next street...
So, I have nothing else to say, but lots of things to think of. I shall update you, later.

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