4 May 2013

Guides can do knots, really!

Yesterday was Friday, which means Guides. I had to bring madam with me this week as my mum and dad were doing one of their final rehearsals with the East Riding County Choir, for the concert they're performing tonight.
They've got another rehearsal this afternoon, so I'm playing taxi for them in a bit. Madam and I have planned to go for an ice cream before we have to pick them up again. :)
We decided on setting the Guides several challenges and had them designing games to teach the rest of the group. We also tried, again, to teach them how to tie a reef knot. Now this is genuinely one of the simplest knots out there, and yet... *sigh*
Madam was mostly well behaved and quite enjoyed joining in with the campfire we had at the end. She managed the actions for "blue budgie" just as well as the Guides and was very enthusiastic with her fake vomiting! We also tried to teach our newest Guides how to do the accompaniment that we use for "edelweiss".
I don't know whether it's a Guide thing, or just our company, but we have always used a clapping rhythm when singing the song. It's really quite lovely when everyone is all doing it together. And when the new Guides do it again we'll even get them changing directions during the song :)
We're going to attempt to teach them some first aid next week *looks terrified* This is where the reef knot will come in. We'll see if any of them have managed to retain the information on how to do that for a whole week. Or do I think I'll be repeating myself!?

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