18 May 2013

cross-stitch for the ambitious learner

I have just realised I didn't write anything yesterday! Sorry... Yesterday I got a bit side tracked by trying to plan out a cross stitch design for a Celtic Heart Knot. Bit like this one...
Now, I have never cross stitched before, so I think I was being slightly ambitious in the first place! I spent ages trying to work out how to make all the curves, given I was working in squares... I drew out the design a few times until I was happy enough with it and then I got my sewing stuff out.
I was mainly doing this on the fly, so I am quite pleased with what I've done so far. I was surprised at how much thread I was using, but I suppose given how much stitching goes in to the pattern I shouldn't be.
I'm going to finish the design off tonight and do all the colour work. I'm planning on doing 2 colours within the heart and just having the black as the outline. Given how small the design has actually come out on the fabric I might give it another go but doing a double line of stitches to make the outline with.
I'm not completely happy with the shape, I think its a bit thin. But I am glad I gave it a go. If anyone has any pointers it'd be nice to hear them!
I've also been looking at sewing machines again. I have been trying to find a replacement for the foot pedal on mine to no avail so I think I may have to replace it. I've found this one which seems to be an ok model and not too expensive (not that I have a spare £60).
I only use it for basic bits and pieces so it doesn't need to be too high tech, but I would like to have a machine again. I have a really nice little book with some good patterns in that I'd like to try. And though some of them can be hand sewn, some are quite large projects. And I really am never hand sewing pockets again! ;)
I am going to have a go at the pattern to make a t-shirt into a dress though :) I also quite like the one on how to turn a pillowcase into a simple little dress. Think it could be a useful thing to make for madam to wear when she's doing baking and things at home. just shove it on over what she's wearing, bit like an apron.
This afternoon we've got a pizza party to go to at church so madam is currently working herself up into a state of high excitement... I'm guessing she may insist on a party dress!

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