29 March 2013

menu planning for pleasure

I have had a couple of days with no t'internet so I haven't been able to blog. It's funny how much I miss the access when I don't have it. I have not even been using the time that wisely... Just doing some chilling with madam and making meals for us both!
I think I'll be sticking with the meal planning as it worked really well for us this week. It also meant that even when I was feeling that I couldn't be arsed I knew that I had all the stuff in the cupboards and I just had to use it. There was none of the, crap, none of this goes together what can I cook moments...
So having decided that 1, chicken and broccoli pie kicks bum and 2, it creates quite a lot of washing up I shall take it off nexts weeks menu. But it'll definitely turn up periodically :)
I guess I'm very lucky that madam will eat pretty much anything except tomatoes (and then only raw ones are not acceptable) which does mean I can possibly be more experimental than others with small children.
Although this week, when we were at Morrisons, the lady at the till told us that they sold purple peppers! We so totally need to find a recipe for them to go in. I'm thinking chicken and chorizo bake! (This is the answer to most things at the moment!)
Apparently the purple peppers are a similar colour to the potatoes we've had before...
I've not tried mashing them, but they are fairly floury so I may have to make some form of cottage pie or something with them on. This could be fun.
The menu for next week will be slightly out of sink as madam and I will be on cat sitting duty from Tuesday. This means we will be staying at the rents. Good for access to wi-fi and tv. Bad for the fact the rents are taking the one car they now own and we'll be quite a long walk from town...
Apparently they will be leaving me some bus fares. Bonus. I have to find things to occupy madam with (and me) next week as she's still off school and will be climbing the walls as we haven't been able to do much because of the weather.
The other good thing about being at the rents is that I get access to the cupboards and kitchen equipment here. Mother has loads of exciting things for me to play with. Sadly, I'm mostly going to be playing with the slow cooker! Oh, and the dishwasher!
I am also meant to be at the counsellors next week, which I may have to cancel due to logistics and having madam with me.
Ooh, the traditional Good Friday fish has arrived! This year it's in the form of fish and chips :) Sometimes, life is really good!

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