10 March 2013

Mother's Day love

It's Mother's Day again! Traditionally in our family we didn't used to celebrate it, particularly. But over the years it's edged it's way in. My dad still does dark muttering about american card holidays, but he gets no choice!
My little madam did herself (and me) proud. She's not going to school until September and yet she has written the card all herself. No helping from my mum at all! I knew she could write her name, but suddenly we've got other words :)
So, this is my glittery, sparkly card:

And when I opened it there was an abundance of glitter that had fallen off into the envelope too! She also gave me a washing up fairy from Lush, which was remarkably sweet! And this is her lovely writing that she did for me:

Madam managed to persuade me to let her wear the outfit I'd got her for Easter. I'm far too much of a pushover sometimes... But I have been busting to see what she'd look like in it, so we made a deal. She let me sort her hair out and then she got to wear her new clothes. She really is starting to look very grown up now...
I keep hoping to get out of the pink phase she started last summer, but the blouse looked so cute with the jeans and top I didn't mind so much. It's a sleeveless blouse so she'll be welded into the cardi all day for once!
Anyway, I hope those of you who have children have been spoilt at least a little bit. And I hope you are all having a nice (if chilly) day, today.
Lots of love...


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