23 March 2013

Reality is really real

Today I have been facing a bit of reality. I gave myself until the end of March to sort the house out and I now basically have a week left and it's not done. I'm kicking myself because I've ground to a halt again.

I think having madam becomes my excuse as she untidies just as fast as I can tidy! But I have decided that roping her in to the tidying might help. Today we are going to tackle the living room again and part of that is to sort out all of madam's clothes that seem to have moved in there.

So my plan is to get her finding her clothes (for 15 minutes) and then we can sort them in to stuff that fits, doesn't fit, and chuck it. The doesn't fit stuff can then be taken to the charity shop/passed on to friends. We measured madam again last weekend and she has now reached the grand height of 117cm. This means she's now into age 6-7 clothes! She's 4! Not even 4 and a half...

My child is a giant.

So I'm guessing that all the age 4-5 stuff we have (and the final few 3-4's that seem to have escaped the last cull) will now need to go out. I may also have a large laundry pile to get through so that those things are actually suitable to donate! Anyone wanting (probably a vast amout) of girls clothes do let me know :)

I think we're now at a point where I can hand down clothes to her school friends or even just donate them as spare clothes at her nursery! I think actually, if no-one else wants them, that might be a good thing to do with them.

I've also been doing a bit of crocheting practice today. I've decided to make a shawl to wear over my dress when we go to my cousins wedding in September. I've got the dress, it's blue with little white bows printed on it.

But then I've been dithering over what accesories to go with it. I was thinking grey as I thought that might look quite smart, but I've totally fallen for some midnight blue fyberspates yarn and may end up with that... Oh, and I found some gorgeous blue shoes that I'm a bit in love with too!

I fell in love with them when they had them in Clarks last year but couldn't afford them. There is a brand new pair on ebay for a tenner... *wants*
Anyhow, can't stay, got to go do some sorting...

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