20 March 2013

what kind of things would YOU eat?

I've been having trouble trying to think of something to write about for my post today. I spent my morning catching up on some radio and TV. I can't write when I have someone elses voice in my head though, so I left the post until later.
I did write a little bit earlier on my feelings about rape, but I couldn't find the words to properly explain my feelings so I started and re-started a couple of times and then (as you can see) I gave up.
The reasons I was even considering that as a topic was because of the twitter-storm that has been created following the conviction of two teenage boys in America. The article which got me thinking is by Grace Dent and is something I agree with.
But I don't usually use this forum to discuss such things and I feel without being able to have a debate then it's all just another opinion...
But I'm still left with the dilemma of what to actually write about. The other thing that has made me think today was the programme I was watching on the iplayer this morning. It was called Can Eating Insects Save The World and it was absolutely fascinating. And disturbing. But mainly fascinating.
I think my favourite thing was watching the presenter hunt for tarantulas with some young boys in a Cambodian village. They could not stop laughing at his squeamishness and fear. But in the end gave him the largest of their catch to eat. And he enjoyed it.

The programme raised some really interesting points about the sustainability of our current system. Our western source of proteins and how it's reared and used is wasteful and destructive. To see one barn be used to raise hundreds of thousands of crickets for the Thai food market and see how little it took to rear and keep them was eye-opening.
I don't know how easy it would be to turn the western world on to this protein source given our aversion to that type of thing (just look at how much we already change our meats to make them palatable) and our lack of knowledge.
And I don't know if I could, personally, even try it. I'm fairly tame when it comes to my eating habits, madam and I have only just really discovered the wonders of chorizo! And I don't like my food when it comes with either it's legs or it's head still attached. I hate fish looking at me off a plate! Oh, and I'm funny about bones in my food too. Wow, I come across as horrendously picky.
The fact is I'm used to my safe little world where meat comes pre-packaged and cleaned up. I choose not to eats parts of animals I don't want to as there are other options available. But as meat becomes more and more expensive to both rear and eat then will I be willing to compromise and try more things. 
I think nothing of eating some things that others find particularly off-putting, like haggis or black pudding, so I guess it's just an extension of that!
Whatever happens, I'm pretty sure no one will ever get me to eat liver! 

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