9 March 2013

shopping sucks

Ah, Saturday... how I used to love Saturdays when I was younger. It was always the most fun day of the week. We were free of school, we had time stretching out before us to make of what we wanted. We used to look forward to Saturday all week. So why doesn't it feel like that any more? Why do I get to Saturday and feel only so-so  about it. It should still be a day of letting loose and doing fun things with madam. I think it's cause the weather has still to improve.
Today, for example, it's raining again. This is a two-fold annoyance as it means we probably won't be able to get out anywhere exciting this afternoon and the six nations is on so that'll be my Dad yelling at the telly all afternoon...
I always feel bad for madam when it's raining on a Saturday as we end up doing boring grown up stuff that she hates. I'd love to find a four year old that enjoys Internet shopping/drooling over dresses and such, but I think that may be wishful thinking. 
I am still looking for ideas for a dress for my cousins wedding in September. She is apparently getting married in church so I may even need a hat! I am a hat lover, so this prospect excites me more than it probably would most people! But it also leaves me with the dilemma of hat and dress co-ordination. If I even end up wearing a dress, I still haven't ruled out a nice trouser suit or some pretty separates.
I'm stuck for where to look as well. I'm a big girl (in all senses of the word) and it's therefore limiting in terms of options. I'm also on a pretty strict budget, so no matter how often I drool over the Anna Scholz website I'm unlikely to ever actually buy anything from it... 
It would be nice to think I'd be thinner than I am now in time for September, but I don't want to pin my hopes on that. I'm too much of an emotional eater with too much stress coming up for that.
Ok, I'm going to go and drool over some more improbable dresses...

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