15 March 2013

28 days and counting

I'm a little upset it's not 4.55 when I'm writing this as the urge to say things about Crackerjack would be hard to resist.
I'm at the parents house again whilst planning things for tonight's guide meeting. I have purchased balloons and we've got the introductory activity for our first Girls in Action badge to do today. I need to pick out 2 more activities for the Guides and they get to chose the other one. I am taking the icing biscuits option off the table as I think they spend far too much time doing that anyway (for example one of our young leaders is doing some things with icing tonight with them...)
We then get to choose an action such as writing to our local MP or participating in a worldwide photo campaign (which is what I think we should do). There are other options too, but I can't remember them! Ha!
More importantly, the badges are quite cool and I really want one!
Today is officially the time that I can get the council to act on my behalf about this eviction thing as it's now only 28 days away and I still haven't been told I can stay yet :(
I'm still really worried about where I might end up and how the whole thing will affect me. I'm starting to really worry that I'll end up a long way from where I am now without any support network. The isolation potential is the thing that I'm most afraid of... I'm lonely enough already. The only potential good thing about being moved out of my home town is that one of the other places they could place me would actually put me back into my old circle of work colleagues and I would know the place quite well. Still wouldn't chose to be there, but I could maybe cope with it.
I am trying not to stress myself out about it but it's definitely affecting me and my tidying has come to a crashing halt, which isn't particularly going to help me stay in my house...
I'm taking madam to the cinema tomorrow morning (It's a pound, bargain!) as a treat for passing her next badge at nastics yesterday! Her teacher said she'd done some really good work and was pleased with her. I have also roped her best friend in so that her mum and I get someone else to sit with whilst we watch :) We're going to see Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings, definitely not my first choice, but our little girls are both obsessed... I'm mainly just pleased to get out the house...
Mum has just provided me with spag bol and I must finish off and head to Guides...   

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