30 March 2013

How many words can I write in a month?

I have signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo. It commits me to attempting to write 50,000 words in the month of April. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. I think it's actually an American thing, but my friend had signed up and wanted some support.
I was going to use the opportunity to focus a bit more on my Storm in the Shadows story and help develop it a bit further. I think I might be slightly cheating to have 5 chapters completed already... but hey!
I am, however, not going to be writing anything until I can get my Word programme to work again. It (and the rest of my Microsoft Office Starter 2010) has decided not to work. I have tried running the troubleshooter thingumy in Control Panel but it hasn't achieved anything.
It said it needed to submit error reports and then said that it couldn't send all of them. Try again later.
I now can only use wordpad and I don't like doing that... (picky, I know)
I also need to plot out where the story is actually going as I'd kind of written myself to a full stop when I was writing earlier. I need to decide what will be happening to my main characters and I should maybe try to think up the next clues (and their solutions).
I have to say I was really enjoying the writing as it was quite nice for me to have to stretch myself and actually think hard. I also quite like the idea of being in charge of these people and who they are. It was nice to be in control of something.
I think, however, that the rest of my day is going to be taken up with more tidying and hopefully this should be the last session. Well, in the living room anyway. I need to remove all the stuff that is in there that shouldn't be.
I filled a bin bag just with extra yarn and crafty projects that seem to have found their way into the room. There is also goodness knows how many soft toys spread around the place along with various other toys and dolls.
I did put some laundry in before we came out earlier, but there is at least another load hanging around waiting to be sorted. It's a good job my electric is working, even if the boiler isn't!
I need everyone out there to cheer me on with writing this novel, I shall post the new chapters as they're finished. Please feel free to critique them and give me pointers. I may even print it all out if you ask me nicely enough! ;)  


Imi said...

WE CAN DO THIS!!! :P Hehe :)

Pearl Sanguine said...

Yes we can! *Team NaNoWriMo*