8 March 2013

is it time for a holiday?

I've had no chance to really get online for the last couple of days and it's been driving me nuts. I don't like being kept from doing things, though I was able to focus and catch up with some of my college work that's been dragging.
Having had such a stressful couple of days at the beginning of the week madam has been really suffering and not knowing whether she's coming or going. She's been really clingy with me and been worried constantly about my leaving her. She got herself so wound up on Tuesday that she made herself poorly enough that nursery phoned and asked me to pick her up. She was then fine all afternoon until bedtime. At which point she didn't want to be by herself in bed and came and clung to me until she fell asleep on the sofa next to me.
I couldn't bring myself to wake when she was so obviously distressed and so she got to snuggle up with me until bedtime. And then cough in my ear when we did go to bed... *sigh*
The next morning (Weds) she was refusing to go to school until I pointed out it was joining in day which meant that I would be staying. This was genuinely the only reason she went. I have never, not once, known her to not want to go to school. She loves her teacher and gets lots from the social side of school too. We had a good old time and it was nice to see her somewhat in her element. Even if she was sitting with me more than with her friends.
Yesterday (Thurs) just turned into a really non-productive morning followed by a crammed afternoon. We had to race round to get everything to fit into our schedule. Bit of a mare, but I do enjoy it when we have a purpose to our little world. Madam was at gymnastics and has now got her proper t-shirt to go with her big girl class. To say she was proud of it would be an understatement! I went to college and managed to not nod off half way through, which felt like an achievement given how tired I suddenly was.
My portfolio is now almost completely up-to-date and I'm beginning to relax a bit about the end of the course coming up. I'm really going to miss having that adult space to think and I'm a little worried that I might experience a new dip in my mood when it does happen. The girls on the course have all become good friends as the course calls for a certain intimacy that might have been uncomfortable at first but has led to some open and interesting discussions.
And now we're at Friday again and I'm going to Guides tonight. Hopefully all 10 of our regulars will be there, but it's proving an uphill battle to keep them occupied. They're so negative about pretty much every activity you suggest to them. It would be nice to knock all of their heads together and ask them why they're bothering to come if they're not interested. I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to do that though...
Today is the International Day of the Girl and I'm hoping we can get the Guides at least thinking about girls in other countries  and how their lives might be different. And hopefully they might see that their lives are privileged in so many ways but possibly poorer in others.
Madam and I had fun earlier choosing our Mother's Day presents for my mum, we've also ended up buying ourselves a present too... Oops. I'm very excited as I finally have the original version of The Wizard of Oz on DVD now :) And it was sort of free as I had a £5 clubcard voucher and that's how much the DVD was! Score :) 

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