8 June 2013

pets mean prizes (or something like that)

Well, we've not managed to achieve very much today! In fact we've only just nicely gone out the house and got some fresh air. We have been glued to cartoons all morning! Was quite nice actually... Madam and I haven't had a nice chilled Saturday for an awfully long time.
We had a bit of a munchy lunch with lots of little bits and watched even more cartoons. I do love a cartoon marathon every now and again... We were watching the Pokémon movie and various others. Not really my favourite, but it keeps madam happy.
She also now has to let me pick next time! Hahaha! That'll be me watching something from my childhood then... But the question is do we go really old school and have Tom & Jerry or shall I vote for Bagpuss. Again.
Or I could go for a film like Mary Poppins or the Goonies. Madam had a pirate day at nursery on Tuesday and has mentioned One Eyed Willy several times since then. I'd like to point out that she claimed that other girls had a beard and moustache drawn on, but couldn't name any... Hmm...
We haven't even attempted our outing to Burton Bushes, we'll maybe see how it goes tomorrow. I really love the idea of taking madam up there. It is a bit of a hike, so the picnic option is definitely the best bribery to get her motivated. I did let madam cycle to my mum and dad's as I thought she'd get more fun out of that than walking...
I still haven't checked my bike. I'm going to guess I need to at least pump the tyres up as it's just been sitting in the back yard for the last year. I'm actually looking forward to getting it out again as I really enjoy cycling and find it's an easy way for me to do exercise as I don't notice that I'm doing it so much.
Might need to get in touch with H and ask her which app it was she was using when she was doing her manic cycling... It could be good to have an idea of how far I actually cycle. Rather than the random guesswork I usually employ!
Whilst we're at the parents today I am doing the first lot of fish feeding. I have two different tanks that I'm in charge of. The tropical and the marine. It's the marine tank I'm most likely to upset. Although I have been given a number in case of emergencies...
It also feels very strange to be here and not have the cats wrapping themselves around your ankles. This is the first time they've been to the cattery in years. And although I appreciate that I haven't got to co-ordinate feeding them every day it's just very odd to have no furry purries in the house...
We've kept cats for years. I don't remember us not having them. The first one I remember is the one who had the biggest reputation. He was almost a local celebrity he was so distinctive and had such a personality.
I think the best thing he used to do is sit in the middle of the road (we lived on the approach to the local hospital at the time) and stare down the patient transports. They actually used to have to physically get out and move him out the way! But he was rather keen on his sunbathing spot...
He was called Orion and was the nicest cat in the world. Unless you wanted to brush him. We've also had (in sort of order) Peter, Zulu, Lulu (no, that wasn't deliberate), Bugsy, George, Molly and Tesco. There is also my brother's two cats Bubble and Banzai. Banzai lives with my parents as he was in a place that she couldn't get access to the outside. She's an inside/outside and back again kind of a cat.
Molly :)
George was sort of mine. He picked me at the rescue centre, and once we'd all met him he was too hard to resist. He was called Smoky when we got him. He was a grey tabby, the most ENORMOUS cat you'd ever met. He was incredibly bouncy and you couldn't touch him without him purring his head off. He was also very naughty and my mum renamed him George after the small boy Joyce Grenfell was always telling off. It suited him.
Sadly he was killed on the road only about 6 months after we got him. I was in Greece at the time and my dad had to phone me and tell me. I still miss his furry little face... Worse is that I don't think we have any photos of him :(
I really wish we were allowed to have a cat where we live. But realistically, we can't afford one. I don't have the money for a vet if the cat were ill. And I cannot justify letting an animal suffer for my own selfish gain.
But if I did get a cat, I'd really love one of these:
That's a British Blue Shorthair for those not in the know... Though I'm just as happy with a moggy from the local animal rescue. And usually moggies live much longer than pedigrees...
I guess I shall have to keep dreaming!

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