10 June 2013

It has to be the end of the manic tidying now, surely!

I have had somewhat of a hectic day so far. My stupid rental agency had scheduled to come around for yet another inspection. And though I had made plans yesterday as usual it didn't quite work out like that.
For a start Harry Potter is a very long film and by the time it had finished we didn't have time to get into town before the shop we needed would be shut. So we forced ourselves to make scrummy muffin pizzas (ham and cheese this time) and watch Robots on ITV2+1. Then after we got home madam, for reasons best known to herself, decided to colour her face in blue felt tip.
You know when you'd just like to be able to rewind and not have something happen. That. So then we had to have a full on scrub down in the bath. Much to her displeasure. It's not worth explaining to her yet again that actions have consequences. She obviously doesn't hear me.
Then she wimped because hadn't had her wall repainted like I'd said I was going to. I pointed out as she'd been to the shop where we couldn't find any paint she should know why I hadn't done it. Sheesh. So then I had to promise I would do it this morning. No fear, I can't be giving the agency any more ammunition against me.
So I then went downstairs to start the clean up and promised myself to have at least got started before bed. Somehow it didn't happen, my bum just seemed to weld itself to the sofa. And then I got reading various articles on The Guardian and suddenly it was past bedtime.
I dragged us out of bed this morning and made sure that madam had put all her books away and most of her toys were picked up so that I only had to paint in her room after I'd dropped her off at nursery. I then managed to persuade her that she should wear a jumper to school, not just her vest top. Why is it always a fight?
Ok, so after she was deposited with her teacher (she became suddenly reluctant to go in) I set off to get more paint. I had to buy a proper tin of paint as there was no small ones available. It was one of those one coat ones (cause I didn't have time for multiple applications) and cost £18! Not massively impressed at the price, though cheaper than Dulux, which is a bonus.
I also went to the Post Office to top up the electric meter as we are on the emergency credit at the moment. Only they couldn't get the key to work. So that was a wasted trip. Dashed home, did lots of painting (why is there always more than you thought?) and started on the living room. Now, I have lovely H to thank for the fact that it's actually mostly organised, but somehow there still seemed to be more to do than I wanted.
ok, imagine it without that bin bag!
Finally got it finished and then moved onto the dining room and the hallway. Did my usual whip around and put all the shoes on the shoe rack again. Removed suitcase from the dining room and put it back in my room. Wherein I noticed that for some reason the painted patches in there are really noticeable. Bum. Oh well...
Did a bit of kitchen wizardry, swept all the floors and washed down various windows. And then I scarpered. I don't like being there when they come round, it just makes me feel like I'm being judged (which I sort of am, but I'd rather not know about it). I also feel like I've been naughty and that I'll be told off, so avoiding that feeling is def a bonus.
I was rather hungry by this point as I realised I hadn't eaten so used that as an excuse to go get a sandwich. And it was vast. With proper egg mayo that had proper bits of ground pepper in :) Perfect. And after I'd eaten and had a quick look in Claire's Accessories, it was time to pick madam up anyway. 
We have come up to the rents again as today is water the plants time...
I am shattered and my bed is going to be so welcome later! 

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