14 June 2013

organising is not my forte

I am trying to have a chilled afternoon before the onslaught of guides this evening. But as there are only going to be a few (of our already small numbers) there tonight it could make it really hard. If I have trouble arranging fun activities for two patrols then doing it for just one will be worse.

I was actually speaking to one of the other guide company leaders at a playgroup with madam the other day and she was saying their unit is very small as well. She suggested an amalgamation of our two units until numbers pick up a bit. But they meet on a different night to us and my leader wouldn't go with it...

However, I think that it could be worth considering doing some activities with them. It would make it more feasible for us both as companies to have a bigger group to do things with. For example, neither of us could fill a 16 seater mini-bus, but together we could. And allow for the couple of guides who won't want to come!

It doesn't solve my problems for tonight very much though. I need to do something fun and easy with a small number of guides. I'd quite like to get them to do a bit of running around as I think we're mainly going to have our youngest members tonight.

At least if we have the young ones we can do some crafting as they are much more into it than the older lot... Perhaps not Father's Day cards though, they're a bit old for that now, surely... 

I have been doing some online research and there are some interesting games for smaller groups, but you need about 10 to really play most of them. Though  this sounds kind of fun...

Grab the finger

Get everyone to stand in a circle, with their arms out either side.  Tell people to put their left palm up, and right finger pointing down (touching the person next to them's outstretched palm). 
When you say the word "GO", people need to do two things:

  1. Grab the person's finger in your left hand
  2. Prevent your right finger from being grabbed
If your finger is grabbed, you are out, and you sit on the sidelines.  The game continues until there is a winner.  
The key to this game is adding a bit of drama and suspense around when you say "Go". eg count down, add a big delay, etc.  You can do it a few times before it gets old :)
But again, sounds like the more people you have the funner this would be! Oh, that game comes from this website by the way.
There are a lot of those kind of websites around, who'd have thought it! I'm still a bit stuck for ideas though!

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