27 June 2013

A recipe for you

It's proving extraordinarily difficult to concentrate on writing this as the smells emanating from the kitchen are immensely distracting! This is because madam and I are having an experiment and cooking Nutella brownies.
The recipe was posted on Facebook by a friend of mine the other day. And it was so simple I had to give it a go. It was originally posted on Pamela G Cook's page and I saved it to mine for the recipe...
The recipe is:
280g Nutella
2 eggs
62g flour (she says that's 10tbsp, but not in my experience!)
Put it in the bowl. (I'd have been better with a slightly bigger one!)
Mix. (Probably not as close to your laptop, especially if your littlies are helping...)
Pour in prepared tin. (Would also make good buns, reduce cooking time)
Cook for 30mins at 180 Celsius. Et voila!
The smell is incredible and it has managed to keep madam and I occupied for a bit whilst it pours with rain outside. It's always miserable when madam isn't at nursery!
So now I am going to eat a sample whilst I cook our actual dinner. I also have to make a fresh cream and strawberry flan for dessert!

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