9 June 2013

making a house a home

The weather has decided to be a little less obliging. It's not as warm and madam and I have gone for discretion as to weather we'll get soaked (it's gone quite dark and foreboding as well). We have had a wee walk already today. Back to our house to collect chargers and things and then up to the supermarket to get some stuff for lunch.
Madam is now complaining of being knackered so I'm not sure she'd enjoy a yomp this afternoon. In truthfulness I'm also fairly exhausted. I didn't sleep that well last night. Kept waking up and having to readjust myself. I do hate sleeping in the wrong bed...
Also, in a single bed, there is much less room for madam to wiggle round. She did start in the other bed but migrated into mine in the middle of the night as usual. I really have to get her to give up the habit when we have so little space! Funnily enough I'd dropped off really quickly for a change. Quite annoying to not then get a decent sleep...
I have to go into town later as well, so I can top up the electric meter and get myself some magnolia emulsion. The rental agency is coming (again) tomorrow and I'm in need of more touch ups to the walls. I have lost count of how many times I've told madam not to draw on them., But it just doesn't seem to sink in :(
So after town we're going in for a quick whip around and tidy up. It's really not that bad atm, I've been trying to keep on top of things as much as possible. And although there is loads of laundry still to do, it'll be fine.
We're going to watch the first Harry Potter film before we do anything though, I promised madam we would. It also means you get Richard Harris as Dumbledore :) Madam has watched this before but only a long while ago. She is mostly remembering that Dudley gets given a piggy tale for stealing the food!
She's also rather taken with him having a bedroom under the stairs... *plots a new home for madams* No, she wouldn't fit in ours! Lol.
(Disclaimer: I would never actually make my child live under the stairs)
I am actually blessed with a rather large understair cupboard, I have mainly just been using it for storage. But if it were actually my house you could convert that corner into a rather good office space.
You know, I do this all the time. I live in a rental house for a while and then start planning what I would do with the place if it were mine. I think I wish I lived in this house more than I have in any of the others (though I miss the garden from the last one). It's just the right size for me and madam, but it could do with a bigger kitchen.
Though for once it actually comes with enough cupboard space for real people it's just short on work surfaces. I would also quite like to explore the attic, I know it's up there, but I've never been. Lack of a proper set of steps. It would be quite useful for extra storage space!
Also, then I could paint it some slightly more interesting colours... The magnolia everywhere is a bit boring. I would at least like to make the kitchen yellow and the bathroom a nice blue. My bedroom would probably be a lilac sort of a shade and pale mint green for madam. Not sure I'd change the dining room and I can't think what would suit the living room... Shades of grey maybe...
Also its in a good location for us. Not too far from the schools we want to go to and the rents are only around the corner. Town is easy to get to and we're on a bus route. The only bad thing really is how close to the road we are, it's quite noisy too and I worry about madam and traffic! She's pretty good with roads though.
But you can't have everything, can you... I'm just sad they still want me to leave :( I still don't want to...

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