23 June 2013

how a book can consume me

Saturday was mainly taken up with me having my nose stuck in a book. Well, reading a Kindle, but it doesn't have quite the same ring to it somehow. The outcome is the same though. I ended up doing very little else and just becoming absorbed in the other world I was reading about.
Now, fortunately, madam was out most of the afternoon with the kids that live down the street from my mum and dad. Which absolved me from parenting duties, which was lovely given how little time off I've had since M&D went on holiday.
So, whilst madam was out I watched Superman 2 and read my book. I was right, I do remember that one being a favourite from childhood. I still wish I was Lois Lane, though perhaps without getting into quite so many ridiculous situations... I mean who hasn't ended up trapped under the Eiffel tower lift whilst psychotic terrorists plot death and destruction?
Amusingly, whilst watching that scene, all I could think about was the fact she was lying on her boobs and just how much that would have hurt if it were me... There's always something that brings you back to reality!
Having finished watching Superman 2 I was just debating what I might do next when madam burst back in the front door sobbing her eyes out. Tragedy! Her friends were going to the park but there was no room in the car for her. So, being a good mummy, I told her we could walk round to the local park for a bit and play.
I shoved my Kindle in my pocket and we headed for the park. I parked myself on a bench and shoved my face back in my book. Madam, being madam, had joined in with a group of kids within moments and she was fair away with herself. She did fall off the zip wire at one point which provoked a few tears, but a hug and promise of an ice lolly solved that pretty quickly.
She's made of tough stuff, that one! She then found a group of older kids to hang out with. It was quite funny watching the pre-teens play with her. They were obviously thinking what to do with her, and then she just ran circles around them (quite literally at some points)!
I eventually managed to persuade her to leave the big boys and girls alone and come home for her tea (and the ice lolly I promised her). We got home to find Coraline was on and so watched that until it was finished and I read some more of my book.
After I managed to force madam into her bed I came back downstairs and completely reabsorbed myself. So much so the film I'd put on completely passed me by! I switched it off when it was finished and read to the end of the book before bed.
I'm not exactly a speed reader, but I find reading from the Kindle surprisingly easy. The one thing I don't like is the fact that I don't have a backlit screen, that would make it so much better in poor lighting and if I wanted to read in bed etc...
Now, I'm going to guess that some of you might be wondering what this book that absorbed all my attention was. It's called Return to Eden and it's by G.P. Ching. It's actually book 3 in the Soulkeepers series. And there is one more to read. Well, after I download it.
The books centre round a character called Jacob and how he learns of his powers and then how he uses them to fight off evil. There is really a central group of six core characters, but it all starts from Jacob. He discovers he has the power to manipulate water and can form it into shapes to use as weapons against evil. He also can call water to him to help heal his girlfriend whose skin burns as she uses her powers.
I'm really not selling this book very well, I might write a proper review for you all another day. Suffice to say I would recommend the series to anyone who was interested in fantasy books.
But right now I have to go and deal with the cat who seems to have taken up residency in my parents house!  

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