25 June 2013

Ice cream can cure anything

I gave myself a couple of days away from the blog as I had been starting to get a bit stressy about it. The need to blog is still there but I was thinking that I didn't really have anything to say and was possibly boring everyone.
And then I remembered the blog isn't really for anyone but myself. Yes, it's great that other people read it (and I wish more did), but I started it to help me process my thoughts. And I still need to do that. So the days when what I write is mainly just a diary are just as important as when I find something important to mull over.
As I've said before, the act of blogging on an almost daily basis is actually something I didn't believe I would keep up for a month let alone the near enough five that I've been active.
I do find some days harder than others, but I guess that's to be expected and I shouldn't worry so much if I do miss a day.
The reason it makes me worry is because of my tendency to avoid things. Once I've let it build up to two or three posts missed then it's far easier to keep not writing than to force myself to start again. A vicious circle of my own making.
And with that I shall start this post properly. I've been counting my blessings this afternoon and feeling very grateful for small things. This is because madam hurt herself yesterday and gave herself a good battering down her right hand side. I didn't really have anything that worked as a good kiddie curative other than good old fashioned hugs and kisses. And she was very brave, it must have been really sore.
So today as we walked the long walk to school from my parents house I promised her that, if she continued to be good at school too, she and I would go for an ice cream after school. And she was a good girl all day and it was really warm, so ice cream it was.
We went to Rolando's which is just behind madam's nursery and has just started selling gelato... And oh my goodness was it good! They had a good selection of flavours including one made from their famous almond biscuits. Think friend V may need to try that one...
Madam went for the blueberry (because it was purple) and I had salted caramel and liquorice! Those are two separate flavours, because otherwise, ewww! They were all very tasty and I was quite glad we'd remembered to give it a go. We will also need to go back and check out more of their flavours over the course of the summer... I think I'll go for the pistachio and the chocolate next :)

Madam wants to try the hazelnut (or the banana, or the vanilla, or the maple pecan, etc, etc!). It's a shame they don't sell the gelato out of a van on the westwood like Burgess of Beverley used to do. Be really good to stop off and buy one whilst on a yomp with madam.
Yesterday, before the dramatic injury, we had gone to what will be madam's school in September to try on some of the sample jumpers they have in the office. It was also a bit of a ploy to help madam acclimatise as she is still not entirely sure about going up to big school. And she was scared by the sheer amount of children who were running and screaming and jumping all over the place... But she got over her timidity soon enough (as usual) and found one of her friends to play with.
She was thrilled to find out that that friend is also in the same class as her. They were making mischief just in the playground so I'm hoping their teacher is as good as people keep telling me she is and can control them. Apparently there are 25 children joining the school from madams nursery alone (out of an intake of 60) so she's going to know almost half the yeargroup!
She seemed to quite enjoy the quick visit and is now really excited about her visit next weds. I was a little annoyed the school were trying to persuade me into buying a school cardi for her ("Almost all the girls wear them, you wouldn't want her to feel left out") given that they're more expensive than the jumpers. And knowing madam, she'll want to be different from all the other girls if she gets the chance!
Madam is definitely not someone who likes to blend in...  

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