7 June 2013

a jumbly jam of thoughts

Its Friday again. I am being forced to watch CBeebies with madam whilst the sun is out as I promised she could watch whilst I used the rents wifi... It seems a waste of a sunny day though. Mind you, it's rather hot atm and madam would whinge if I took her to the park. Maybe we could go a bit later once I've finished and we've got past 3pm...

I have a dilemma about guides whilst the rents are away. The most obvious being that I have to take madam with me and she's a major distraction. Also, no car... We've had to give up gymnastics whilst the rents are gone as we can't get there and back on foot. 

Well, we can. But madam would be so tired that she would probably never forgive me! She's good at walking as it's our usual method, but not that far! So Guides also slightly comes under that category. Although we can get a bus down to the middle of town and we'd just have to walk to the school. But I don't know if we could get home again. 

I'm going to work on the basis that my Guide leader won't mind throwing us out on the way past our house (which she does drive past anyway).

Oh. Hmm... I was meant to be doing some form of sponsored something over the half term... Ah. I might have completely forgotten about that... I was going to get madam to draw pictures and sell them on FB to raise funds :) I think it could have been quite fun. Oh well, never mind.

We can do it as an ongoing project I suppose. Taking commissions if anyone is interested ;) If you're really lucky she may even sign it for you...

So I've also been trying to decide what to do with madam over the weekend. We quite often go out with the rents somewhere further afield on a Sat afternoon. I might plan a picnic on the Westwood and hope for some nice weather. 

I really wanted to take madam to Burton Bushes to see the bluebells, but I think they'll probably all have gone over by now. We could still go and build a den or something though. I used to love doing that as a kid...

(see, she likes a good den...)

I'm more worried about what we'll do if the weather is pants. I guess we'll just do things at home and try and deal with the cabin fever. And we have messy church on Sunday, so that at least will be fun. (We got pizza and cake last time, awesomes!)

I'm thinking we might make another attempt at cheesecake... It worked so well last time and was particularly yummy... Just need to decide what to top it with this time. I do like the idea of lemon curd, but don't know if madam would be so keen. Do you think you could use that choccy philly? And orange juice instead of lemon... Mind you it might not be acidic enough without lemon/lime... 

If you missed the last cheesecake post (where were you?!) then you can find it here, along with the recipe. I recommend you try it at some point, especially if you have small kids. Or I suppose we could experiment with a different cake recipe. Madam is always most helpful when we're cake baking!

I also want to do some kitchen chemistry and try a new a new recipe... I seem to be in a bit of a rut at the moment with my cooking. Although I've also been considering this whole 5:2 diet that everyone has been banging on about. I've downloaded the book onto my Kindle but haven't had a chance to look at it yet.

I think I could just about manage to be good two days a week. After all it's fairly normal for me to be good sporadically. And I seriously need to do something about getting my eating under control. I need to look at the amount of exercise I do at the moment as well. 

So yeah, I walk everywhere, but I don't do anything else... I do have a bike, but I had sort of given up riding it as madam was too big to go in the seat on the back, but as she is now riding her own bike pretty confidently I could get it back out again.

That might be a good thing to do with madam at the weekend...

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