12 July 2013

well and truly bitten by the bug

I'm a bit excited... I have been bidding for a couple of patterns on ebay (slightly aggressively in one case) and have managed to secure both of them! I have been a bit of an ebay refusenik for a while as I'm not very keen on the whole bidding thing. But I seem to have finally been dragged into the whole thing and am now a little excited about the whole thing.
I have bought a pattern for both myself and for madam so I might *actually* make something for myself for once. I bought a (hopefully) simple dress pattern that I might make for this wedding I'm going to in September, just need to find out how much material I'll need now!
Madam's pattern is a sun dress and goes up to age 16, so I might have to make it a few times... Again, need to know what the material requirements will be before I plot out how I'll make it... I fancy making her something in some really bright flame colours, she looks amazing in yellows/oranges.
I'm currently bidding for some very sweet elephant print fabric which I have yet to decide what I will do with. It'll be big enough for a madam make, or maybe a bag for me...
I mentioned the peacock coloured fabric I've got yesterday and I have now found the pattern I want to use it with. It's a very simple dress design with a little tie strap fastening. It's out of Prima magazines Spring Makes book. The version in the book is made from gingham and has quite sweet embroidery on. I was thinking I might attempt some of the embroidery, but I'm not sure I can be bothered with all of it! (There are quite a lot of flowers in their version).
So anyway, there is a fabric stall that has appeared on the local market, might have to check that out at the weekend, last time I looked they had some great stuff in navy with a strawberry plant print. Was ace. I'm thinking not for a formal outfit though...
I still, also, want to try making one of the fab Miette skirts by the lovely Tilly. I have a feeling sewing is going to be my new favourite past-time for quite some time to come!

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