1 July 2013

the return of the parents

I appear to have woken up today to the news that it's July already. That can't be right, surely! This year is going by so quickly, which is a silly thing to say really as it's all relative. I just can't quite believe we've got to the second half of the year already. I just am feeling rushed, would anyone mind if I just had another go at June?
Although today being the first of July does mean that my parents are home from their holiday! And they have brought home lots of interesting stuffs :) This is my favourite part of travelling, all the new and exciting things you discover. My dad has even brought home a massive dragon shaped kite!
It's lovely to have them back and to have someone else to help me with madam again, especially as I decided not to send her to nursery because of the big bandage! She'd be driving me crazy by now, but is instead driving my parents to distraction by "helping" with the unpacking instead! ;)
They brought her lots of presents too! She got a mouse, bought on the train as a "get well soon" present, who is now called Lorelai after the part of the Rhine the train was going past at the time! The mouse has been getting into all sorts of mischief already, including trying to eat the cheese that we had for lunch and playing hide and seek with madam and my dad whilst mum and I went to Morrison's.
They have also brought some clothes for her to grub around in over the summer holidays. But the piece-de-resistance is the flamenco dress that they got her! It's officially an age 12 (!) but fits her pretty much perfectly. And it's fabulous. Madam is so taken with it she was trying to persuade us she could wear it to go and pick up the take away later with my dad!
We've persuaded her to put it away and save it for best, or at least for times when she isn't going to ruin it! She's decided to debut it for her best friends birthday party at the end of the month. And it will make the best party dress...
I'm suspecting there are some sweets tucked away for her somewhere too!
I'm still feeling somewhat wiped out by the weekends exertions so it's nice to be able to have a fairly relaxed day with my folks. And you have no idea how glad I was to have the car back again!
Mum and I have also started plotting expeditions to take madam on during the summer holidays. We're trying to decide if madam will manage to get up to Whitby as it's quite a long drive for a small child to put up with. She's not too bad at travelling though, so I'm hoping we'll be able to give it a go. Apparently mum had said we could go to the sealife centre in Scarborough at some point as well...
I'd just really like it if we managed to get more dry days than wet!

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