3 July 2013

Crafty goodness is for everyone

I am quite looking forward to this evening. Tabatha Tweedie from the threadcarefully blog is coming over to help me with one of my t-shirt projects for madam. I have seen a pattern to turn a t-shirt into a dress by attaching a gathered skirt which I mentioned in a post a while ago. As I am a bit of a novice with the sewing machine she's coming to give me guidance :)
This is great as it's been a while since I've seen her and we can have a nice catch up too... Whether I'll get madam to leave us alone is an entirely different matter! Technically she'll be in bed, but I can see her nosiness getting her in trouble!
I really want to get more confident with my sewing machine and I really would like to make myself (and madam) some clothes. I have fallen in love with some amazing fabrics and am resolutely not buying them until I can use them properly. I really wish I had paid more attention in my textiles class at school, but I wasn't interested and I'm pretty sure even the best teacher in the world can't make a teenager do the things they're not excited by.
But since I've been getting more into the craft side of myself, this ability to use a sewing machine (or not) has become more important to me. I find it quite funny that there a so many people out there writing off the crafting skills and claiming they'll die out when most of the people I know can do something.
And I plan on passing on the skills to madam if she's interested.
Crafting is such a good hobby too, I have found that anyone who is into craft tends to be really keen to share their skills and that makes it a really friendly community. And everyone can do something. My friend was discussing her tactile art on her blog the other day. It looks like she had a lot of fun with her projects.
And even my Guides, who always claim to not like craft spent the whole of our last session gluing and sticking without any complaints at all. Madam of course, needs no persuasion to pick up a paintbrush/gluestick/glitter and get messy.
Maybe I should focus on craft as a career!    

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