4 July 2013

learning new skills is fun

Last night was sewing night! And if it weren't for the fact it'd be really inconvenient I'd love my friend to come round every time I sew. I think we both agreed that extra hands made ironing hems easier!
The fabric I'd chosen to use was vetoed by madam and she selected some other stuff I happened to have, and to be honest it probably worked better as some of the print was navy the same as the t-shirt we were sewing it to.
We started off by me learning how to wind a bobbin, insert it, and thread the machine. All less complex than it looked. We did have a moment where we had to figure out how to adjust the tension of the bobbin, but we achieved it without too much trouble.
I was taught how to do the seams and then I learnt how to do the stitches for gathering. It was great to have someone next to me with much more experience giving me tips. Although I have machine sewn before I've never felt as confident doing it. And I am quite confident that I could do the same again without too much swearing!
I was really pleased with how the machine performed given how long it has been out of use. It was a bit wobbly when threading the bobbin, and it needs a bit of a wiggle when you've finished sewing to free your work, but really, that's not too difficult to manage!
Madam is completely thrilled with her new dress and has been telling anyone who will listen that her mummy made it for her. Nice to know she's appreciative of what I did for her... 

From top: Madam being madam; rose gelato for me; melon sorbet ftw; Madam and her jelly shoes (cause it's summer); beautiful roses from Tabatha; madam pulling a very strange expression whilst modelling her new dress 

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