29 July 2013

french knitting is easy

I have bought madam a French knitting dolly. This is mainly an attempt to get her to sit still and concentrate on something. It mainly seems to be working. I am impressed.
Today she is dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. She did have some ruby slipper overshoe things, but the rain has put paid to that! However, I did get a couple of lovely sunny photos in before the torrential downpour!

I have been to the gym even though it's ridiculously hot and sticky and I really didn't fancy it. And I was horrid and hot and sweaty really quickly. But then it was over and I got to walk out into the rain which was actually quite lovely... I did have a few errands to run before going home though, so the rain was not *entirely* a good thing.
I have bought myself a book on Celtic crafts as it shows you how to do the knotwork and it has always fascinated me. Be prepared for pictures of knots over the next few days!
There isn't much time for me to write today, so I will have to leave it for now... 

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