28 July 2013

superhero or flamenco dancer?

I was planning on blogging about the cape I made for madam last night, you know in a step-by-step fashion. But I did that thing of getting caught up in what I was doing and forgetting to take pictures... Sorry!
Needless to say, it was a pretty simple make. I sewed to rectangles of cotton poplin together (we ended up with orange and purple) and then turned them through to the right way around. I then merely folded down a section at the top to make the channel for the tie. The tie was made from sewing two strips of fabric together, folding in half and seaming it. Again it was then turned right way out and threaded through the channel I'd made. Et voila! One cape.
I make it sound like it was all problem free, but I did my fair share of cursing. I think this mainly comes from the fact my sewing room turns itself into an oven as soon as you spend more than five minutes in it... I ended up sewing in my bra and pants, probably best I was on my own today!
But I am really happy with how the cape turned out, its possible to wear it either way so madam can choose which side faces out... She was so pleased with it this morning that she ran all the way to my parents house with her cape blowing out behind her. An awesome look. She has chosen to go for colour today as she is wearing a green vest top and pink cropped skinnies. Yeah, that's a lot of colours for such a small person to wear at once. But heck, if you can't get away with it at age 4, what is the point of life?

She did get changed once we arrived as she had a party to go to this morning. So on with the beautiful flamenco dress my parents brought back from their holidays and she was allowed a real rose to put in her hair to finish her "look". For one so young she is very conscious of her look... I might have to keep her away from too many fashion bloggers!
She had so much fun at her friends party though, and somehow the flamenco dress survived an almost constant 2 hours of bouncy castle madness. I have put it back in the wardrobe for a later date... 


Tabatha Tweedie said...

Well done, it looks fab!

Pearl Sanguine said...

Thank you :)