5 July 2013

fabric, ribbon and coastlines

I have been getting carried away with fabric lust... I gave in and bought some really cute stuff from Boyes to make something for madam. The plan was that it would be a skirt/dress, but I think I've changed my mind and will attempt to make a top instead.
My mum has been roped in to help me with pattern cutting as I need to make a slight adjustment to the length, madam being taller than the pattern thinks she should be! I'm pretty sure we'll be able to manage as the same pattern is used in a longer version in the book for something else... I shall defer to mum's superior knowledge.
I have also bought a bit of rather cute bias binding which I thought would go around the bottom of the skirt I am now not making. Hmm, I'm sure I'll be able to do something else with it! I've been half thinking of making madam a gingham skirt instead and it would look sweet around that...
The other day, whilst in Boyes, I found some really cool ribbon remnants. And treated myself to a couple... One of them has the rather fabulous design of a dog in a sou'wester with the wording Salty Dog. This will mean nothing to anyone who doesn't get forced to watch CBeebies on a regular basis. But one of madam's favourite programs at the moment is called Old Jack's Boat and is set in Staithes on the Yorkshire coast. Jack happens to own a dog called Salty...
The fact its set on the Yorkshire coast is great for us as it means we can take madam to Whitby in the holidays (which he mentions quite a few times) and just let her run around. And suddenly we are the best mum and grandparents ever! I've not taken madam as far as Whitby before as it's just that bit far for a small child from here. But she's nearly 5 and I think she'll cope with it.
She's been to Scarborough a few times (after we moved away) and she's never really been a problem when we've done that, so half an hour further should be feasible... Sadly Staithes, though very pretty is further on again and we will have to leave that.
The other place madam keeps asking to go to is Balamory (or Tobermory as it's known in the real world). This is somewhere I went to when I was 10 and I remember it as one of the best holidays ever. I loved the little house we satyed in and the fact there was just miles of nothingness for us to run around and build dens in. We drank straight from crystal clear streams that ran down the mountains. It was picture perfect.
picture is from the scotland-flavour.co.uk website.
We also went seal spotting and out to Fingal's Cave and the isles of Staffa and Iona. Brilliant. And one day, I'd love to take her up there so she can experience all those things, but that is going to have to be away off in the future as it's too expensive for me. Also it's so far from here we'd need an overnight to break up the journey with the madam in tow!
I think it will just have to be digging on all the wonderful beaches locally for a while to come yet :)

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