18 July 2013

oh, what a show!

Yesterday, we went to Driffield show as we had planned. And it was hot! We arrived at lunchtime and sat in the car park (on the golf course) under some trees and ate our picnic before going into the show and finding an ice cream to try and cool down a bit before searching for some things to look at. There's loads, so it isn't hard to do!
Driffield show is the largest one day agricultural show in the county if not the country! There are displays for almost everything that you can think of, but it's hard to do too much when it's so hot. We've been the last three summers and we've never had it so warm! There was no breeze, it was just baking... The only relief came from going into the display tents and making the most of the shade they provided.
And the displays were great! We had lots of fun in the Fur and Feathers tent with madam, finding lots of chickens who had laid eggs whilst they were on display. She also was impressed with all the different coloured eggs on display on the judging table. And then there were all the guinea pigs and rabbits to "aww" over.
Madam's favourite bunny was a beautiful white one with chocolate brown markings on his ears, nose and paws. So pretty, but I didn't get a photo unfortunately. I did manage to get some photos in the Horticultural tent. The carnivorous plants and the cacti were my favourites and madam liked the fruit and vegetable displays. I also found a table of the most fantastic roses, for which I am a massive sucker.

But the best thing was still the dancing sheep show. They had been our new discovery when we had been last year and madam made a beeline for them as soon as we arrived. She managed to wiggle her way right down to the front of the crowd.
And when the chap got to the point in the show where he was going to give the shearing demonstration he asked for a volunteer (from the sheep) and madam stood straight up and put her hand as high in the air as she could manage! The guy let her down gently, but she was still upset. Though I think she was quite glad when he came to doing the actual shearing that it wasn't her up on the stage!
And then the sheep danced. Well, sort of, they do some leg kicks and head nodding in time to a disco track. But it's sweet and madam really enjoys it.
When we'd finished in all the display tents we wandered a bit more and got more water to drink and then by the time it got to about 3pm we just had to give up and head back home. We drove through about every field the local farmer had to get out of the car park again and then we cranked the A/C and made the short trip home.
Madam and I must have then drunk about our own volume in cool water, it was lush... But the heat had wiped us both out and we did nothing else with our afternoon and ended up just grazing out of the fridge for tea. Quite the same as we have been doing all week! Must get more fruit/veggies in madam at some point...    

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