2 July 2013

tiredness can kill, take a break

I'm tired. Not just a bit sleepy, but suddenly and hugely exhausted. I think it's the weekend and everything that happened catching up with me. I knew it would happen, but I wasn't sure what form it would take. I'm quite glad I'm not just a weepy mess for a change!
But I am feeling too tired to think of witty and enlightening things to tell you. I would like to say how great the support I've had from everybody about this weekend has been. My Guider rang last night to check how madam was doing and all of Twitter and Facebook is awash with people giving me and madam lots of love.
It's so nice to be reminded of all the good things in the world sometimes.
So for today, just whilst I go away and sleep for a bit to try and recharge before I have to deal with madam's energy levels later, I shall bid you adieu!

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